Chaos Transition Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 05/13/2019 by Zachary Weir Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Advantage/disadvantage transition drill that will enhance your transition offense, defensive transition and overall communication - plus it's great for conditioning!

  • Basketball Play - Chaos Transition Drill
  • Basketball Play - Chaos Transition Drill
  • Setup: 4 offensive players line up across the baseline in any order. 4 defensive players line up across from them at the FT line and extended area.


    One line of offensive players where half court and the sideline meet on one side and a line of defensive players on the opposite side at half court.


    Coach will have the ball and throw to any player he chooses. The defensive player matched up will sprint and touch the baseline before getting back. Offense will go down 4 v 3.


    Progression: Coach can add to the disadvantage by calling additional names to touch the baseline before getting back.


    Start the drill/break with different players. Important to have the offensive players start in different spots. For example, have your big start on the wing and have him/her work a good angle to the rim or trailer position.

  • When the ball passes half court one player from each line out of bounds will enter competition.


    The defender will scramble to find his responsibility and the offensive player will find his spot to play out of.


    Make or miss transition back down 5 v 5. Then reset the drill.