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About This Play/Drill

Scoring Drill to work on the individual skill set of a player in a very chaotic setting. Includes ball handling, passing, condtioning and progresses to live play competition.

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  • Basketball Play - Dribble Weapons Drill
  • Basketball Play - Dribble Weapons Drill
  • Basketball Play - Dribble Weapons Drill
  • Basketball Play - Dribble Weapons Drill
  • Players make a dribble move off of the defender. Coach will designate move he would like to see with younger less skilled players.


    Ball will start with the player at the 3 point line.


    Pass the ball to the line in front of you, let the offensive player make his move and then rotate to the next line on opposite end.


    Defender will be stationary to begin with.


    Shooter will get his own rebound and make an additional dribble move and then jump stop around the 3 point line area.

  • Rotation will be as follows-


    Offense will rebound own shot


    Dribble to 3 point line and jump stop


    Pass to line directly in front(work different passes)


    Sprint to the corresponding line on the opposite side of the floor.


    Progressions are-


    Single moves progress to double moves


    Different dribble weapons (moves)


    Different finishes (right, left, pro hop, jump shot, floater, reverse, euro, etc)


    Defender chooses a direction to make offense react quickly



  • 1 v 1 Live

    Dribbles must be attack dribbles (not sideways)


    Both sides will go at the same time. Alternating sides of the court.


    Rotations - Set a time to stay on defense and offense and then flip it.


    Can also have them go from offense to defense and defense to offense.


    Rotations can be on one side of the court or alternate ends of the court.

  • Same setup as 1 v 1 but now its 2 v 2.


    Both ends are going at the same time.


    Limit the number of shots or play live until stop or score.


    One shot limit really puts emphasis on attacking and getting the best shot