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About This Play/Drill

Too often, 1-4 High offenses neglect post players because they're designed to accentuate the perimeter scorers - getting baskets for your post men is just as important, if not more important, when your normal motion sets don't accentuate it. Trickle is a play designed to get one of the post players a quick opportunity for a layup or post move.

  • Basketball Play - Trickle (1-4 High)
  • Basketball Play - Trickle (1-4 High)
  • 1 hits high post, wings sprint together at the center of the lane. 1 replaces the ball-side wing.

  • 3 and 2 "split" in action: one cuts right up the center, one cuts back to the empty wing. After the "split' action, 4 drops to the block for a hi-lo and entry from 5. If no pass occurs, reset with a pass to the perimeter and a ballscreen