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About This Play/Drill

We use this shooting drill to work on our split cut actions when there is a post feed. We use coaches as extra passers in order to get more reps. We also always have a defender on the post player and will also progress to having the drill be 3v3. The defender will be instructed by a coach on how to guard the post. As the season progresses, we will let the defender choose and the offensive player will read the defense.

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  • Basketball Play - Post Split Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Post Split Shooting
  • The post split will be our action when we enter into the post. This drill will progress as we go: slips, flares, back doors etc.

    To begin, have the post practice reads slowly to understand what to look for. The guard that entered will be screening for the closest person to the left or right depending on the spot on the floor this drill is run. Two coaches with a basketball each will be needed to get extra shots.
  • 5 will score with a designated move by the coach. Have a defender with a pad giving resistance.

    The other two players will receive a pass from a coach and shoot a jumper.

    To begin, 5's will stay in the post line, 4's will rotate through all lines and the guard will rotate back and forth in the perimeter lines.
    Defense will be added as a more advanced progression.