Doubling the Post - Part 1 - FastModel Sports

Published 03/28/2017 by Mo Dakhil Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

When a team has to double the post, there are a few different rotations depending how the offense plays off the post. For the first example we will assume the double team is coming from a guard. The first question is: which guard is going to double the post?

  • Basketball Play - Doubling the Post - Part 1
  • Basketball Play - Doubling the Post - Part 1
  • Basketball Play - Doubling the Post - Part 1
  • If the post feeder stays in between the strong side elbow and the sideline than the double should come from X1.
  •  X1 should be able to close back out to the 1 quicker than the next player. X4 drops to the low HL but must be aware where the 4 is at all times. X2 should drop to free throw line and on the high HL keeping an eye on their man. Also X2 and X4 are there if 1 cuts down the middle, they can tag him while X1 is in the trap. X3 zones the weak side and is an equal distance between the 2 and 3, should the ball be skipped out to the 3.
  • If the ball goes from the post to the 3 then X2, X3, and X4 should rotate directly to their assignment as the ball has gone from the SS to the WS. X1 and X5 should immediately occupy the high and low HL positions.