Pick the Picker EOG 3 vs POR - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

In the second overtime the Pistons won the game on their third option of the play. It starts out with the Marcus Morris running from the strongside corner to the weakside wing. Then Caldwell-Pope comes off a back pick for a lob set by Tobias Harris who then comes off a screen from Andre Drummond to bring him to the strongside wing. He's not open and Drummond set a pick to bring Caldwell-Pope to the three who catches it and wins the game for Detroit.

  • Basketball Play - Pick the Picker EOG 3 vs POR
  • Basketball Play - Pick the Picker EOG 3 vs POR
  • The 4 serves as a decoy who runs over the top of the play to get to the weakside wing. The 3 sets a back up for the 2 and then comes off the 5 for some pick the picker action.

  • The 5 sets a pindown screen to bring the 2 up for the three as the second option.