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About This Play/Drill

Use this drill to get offense and defense out of your Dr. Dish machine. Great for teaching closeouts, reading closeouts, playing in the gap, helping one pass away, engaging 2 defenders (zone o), and much more. Adjust the settings based on your team's skill level. 

  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Drive and Kick 2-Man Closeouts
  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Drive and Kick 2-Man Closeouts
  • Location: 5, 10, or 15

    Tempo: 5

    Action: Drive and kick + defensive help and recover


    Dr. Dish sends the ball to the offensive player, who shoots the first one from their range.


    There are players one pass away from the initial shooter - this can be done from either wing or the top.

  • On the second ball from the dish, the top player on defense (in this case, 5) closes out hard to the shooter. The bottom defender (in this case, 4), sprints to the gap.


    2 drives hard to engage the help, while 3 circle moves to the opposite wing. 1 lifts to the safety valve position behind 2's drive.


    4 helps and recovers to 3. 3 should read the closeout and attack based on their strengths shooting the ball.


    Rotation: 1 becomes the next shooter, 2 becomes the next circle mover, 3 becomes low man on defense, 4 becomes high man on defense, 5 becomes corner.