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About This Play/Drill

The Indiana Hoosiers used this play during the 2016 NCAA Tournament. The setup and decoy actions at the beginning gave the defense enough distractions to cover, which made it easy for Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell to attack over a stagger ball screen, with both bigs seperating out of it. Multiple options can show up after. A clear path drive for the point guard, a kick back to the 4 for a possible shot or high low, a dish or lob to the 5 rolling to the rim.

  • Basketball Play - Indiana - Yogi Attack


- 3 (HARTMAN) sets a pin down for 2 (WILLIAMS) and clears to the corner

- 2 (WILLIAMS) flares over 5 (BRYANT) and 4 (MORGAN)



- 2 (WILLIAMS) cuts to the opposite corner and bumps 3 (HARTMAN) up to the wing

- 5 (BRYANT) and 4 (MORGAN) set a stagger ball screen for 1 (YOGI)

- 5 (BRYANT) rolls

- 4 (MORGAN) pops