Sideline Fly - FastModel Sports

Published 09/24/2012 by Bert DeSalvo Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This sideline out of bounds play is great for an athletic post player, and works well in a communication failure (hedge) or mismatch (switch) scenario.

  • Basketball Play - Sideline Fly
  • Basketball Play - Sideline Fly
  • Basketball Play - Sideline Fly
  • 2 sets a rub screen for 1 and cuts to strong side corner

    1 comes off the screen and receives pass from 4

    3 cuts to middle of the lane to vacate space for 5

  • 5 sets a flat screen for 1

    1 plays off screen or drags their dribble to improve their passing angle

    3 sprints to set backscreen for 5

    4 steps in and spaces

    **Note screening angle is important for 3 so they do not get called for a moving screen. If 5's defender hedges, 5 can slip to the rim instead.

  • 1 throws lob pass to 5 on the backside of the rim or 1 throws pass to 5 slipping to rim