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Callisburg HS (TX) Contributor since 06/21/18

Varsity Girls Head Coach, Callisburg HS 

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Coach Payne has 25 years experience coaching basketball as a head coach from AAU, Homeschool and high school teams in his home state of Texas. Coach Payne has held basketball camps in France and Croatia and works with coaches at all levels on an athlete-centered coaching philosophy.

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Basketball Play - Keene - Blur Screen BLOB

Keene - Blur Screen BLOB

Robert Payne 12/15/2018

Quick-hitting Horns BLOB set that uses a blur screen to get an open look at the rim. You get a blur screen-and-slip or a corner look, depending on how the defense plays the screen. Getting to 1.0 Latest post by @RadiusAthletics - don't be surprised if you learn something! — FastModel Sports® ð???ð??» (@FastModel) December 13, 2018 See More

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Basketball Play - Callisburg Ladycats - Vegas Early Offense

Callisburg Ladycats - Vegas Early Offense

Robert Payne 06/21/2018

This early offense is designed to create a quick hit for a trailing 5, using a down screen spot up or back screen for a layup. It works on either side of the court. This action creates pick/roll, pick/pop, and drive/kick opportunities. We use this to get a quick look and then roll into our offensive set. The 3 is our best decision maker /shooter. See More

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