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Basketball Play - Zipper Series

Zipper Series

Timothy Hipps 11/13/2017

Zipper Series Breakdown Zipper = a cut off a down screen up the free throw lane line. 3 sets that involve a Zipper action as the base and finish with a different aciton: America, Slice and Flex. Zipper Series plays are great for a players who have difficulty getting open, or a point guard who is a primary scorer. This plays also works well against teams who deny off the ball. As each set begins the same way, the defense does not know which action is coming after the Zipper, making it difficult to scout and guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Denver Nuggets - Zip 2 Angle Hammer

Denver Nuggets - Zip 2 Angle Hammer

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

This action is a wrinkle on the popular NBA Hammer action by flooding the strong side with movement and screens. Most zipper actions are run to swing the ball across sides of the floor, so help defense will particularly fall into the trap after the zipper screen when the action returns to that strong side. That allows the hammer to be run to perfection. And with sharpshooter Danilo Gallinari as a screener, there's little opportunity to give help away from him. The Sixers help off Will Barton in the corner instead, and that allows Gallinari to get to the rim for the dunk! See More

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