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Basketball Play - War


Kyle Gilreath 08/20/2013

1 On 1 I recommend starting this drill 1-on-1 first. Start with one rebounder (X1) with their head just in front of the rim and the first offensive rebounder at the elbow opposite the coach with the ball. Place the rest of the team in a line; they are all on offense. Once the coach shoots the ball, X1 must block out 1 and rebound the ball. The play is not over until X1 has secured the ball. The only way for X1 to get out of the drill is to make five consecutive stops (The offense cannot rebound the ball). The number is interchangeable but five is a good starting point. 2 On 2 War (2-on-2) really encourages a more competitive team atmosphere. Divide your players into two teams and put four minutes on the clock. One team will go to the baseline and the other team to the top of the key. Place a coach at the free-throw/1-point line area with a ball. The clocks starts once the coach shoots the ball. X1 and X2 are responsible for blocking out 1 and 2 respectively. If the defense rebounds the ball, they receive one point. If the offense rebounds the ball, the drill is not over; they must score in order to receive a point. At this point the drill is still not over, the offense should attempt to grab as many rebounds as possible and score as many points as possible. The drill is not over until the defense secures the basketball. Once the buzzer sounds and the current group finishes, keep the scores up on the board and flip offense to defense. Put another four minutes back up on the clock and start the drill again. Remember, the team now on offense was just on defense and vice versa, so make sure you are still giving points to the correct team. (i.e.: If at the end of the first four minutes the offensive team {Team A} scored 11 points, once they become the defense their first defensive rebound would get {Team A} 12 points and so on). If there is a high intensity level, keep the drill going and go through another session. Once you are satisfied with your team’s effort tally up the scores. Let the winning team grab water first while the losing team runs. See More

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Basketball Play - Rebound, Flash, Score Drill

Rebound, Flash, Score Drill

Randy Brown 03/21/2013

Super combination drill that incorporates offensive seal, post moves, catching, playing through contact and passing. Many different options of the drill can be created by putting defenders on perimeter players to work on their passing skills. A time saver drill hat will help your practice be more productive. See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

Randy Brown 02/18/2013

If you run the High-Low motion offnese, this drill is manatory. It combines several key skills; cutting, passing, sealing, offensive post moves, shooting, and weak side sealing. The key element is to teach the high post player to dive to the rim and dominate the weakside when the ball is entered to his teammate. In anticipation of the shot, the opposite post positions himself in a weakside seal to guarantee the rebound on a miss. This is a very competitive drill that will help your half court offense immensely. See More

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Basketball Play - Laker Outlet

Laker Outlet

FastModel Sports 09/19/2012

4 throws ball off glass, 5 jumps up and rebounds it. Turn and throw outlet pass to 1. 1 then hits 2 cutting into the middle of the floor. 1 will v-cut and receive pass from 2. 1 makes post feed to 5. 5 must post up in proper position. 5 tosses ball off glass, 4 jumps up and rebounds. Throws outlet pass to 2. 2 hits 1 cutting to middle. 2 will v-cut and receive pass from 1. 2 makes post feed to 4. 4 must post up in proper position. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - Swing Pin 4

Cleveland Cavaliers - Swing Pin 4

Matt Wheeler 05/31/2018

The Cleveland Cavaliers run this play to close out situation for Kevin Love (4) where he has the option to shoot the three or attack the basket. Once the ball is entered to the wing the Cavs reverse the ball to LeBron James (3) so he can make the decision to pass to Love or create for himself. Once the ball is reversed, 5 cuts to the left side of the lane. This puts him in weak-side rebounding position in case Love shoots the three. 2 sets the pindown screen for 4 so if the defenders switch Love will have a smaller defender to shoot over. If the defense doesn't switch the screen, Love can attack the closeout against a post player and get to the basket. NBA Finals Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers See More

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