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Basketball Play - BUCKS - CORNER INBOUND


Jens Hakanowitz 01/05/2015

Inbounding the ball from the deep corner wasn't a handicap for Jason Kidds Bucks on January 4th 2015. They turned the inbounder spot into a useful advantage. With 9 seconds on the shot clock, Milwaukee was looking to get 3 point opportunity for Khris Middleton (40% career 3point shooter). See More

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Basketball Play - KORVER 3PT


Jens Hakanowitz 01/20/2015

This is one out of Coach Budenholzer's playbook. A set designed to give Kyle Korver a shot from the 3-point line. Korver sets multiple screens before going on his way to get open. This makes his defender tired and tough for him to trail. See More

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Basketball Play - DAVIDSON 1-4


Jens Hakanowitz 01/24/2015

The Davidson Wildcats use this BLOB play against 2-3 zone defenses. The entire outcome is based on a misdirection action. The two bigs set screens to get the shooter (inbounder) open. Then the action on the other side of the court occurs. A ball screen and baseline screen to either get a shot from the short corner or a seal inside. See More

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Basketball Play - IOWA STATE 2-3 ZONE BLOB


Jens Hakanowitz 01/25/2015

The Cyclones run this BLOB play vs 2-3 zone defenses. A typical overload play to get the ball inside. As you can see in frame 2, X5 is forced to step up to the high post to guard the ball. X4 is left on his own guarding two players (5 & 2) at the same time. One of them will be open to recieve a pass. See More

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