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Basketball Play - South Carolina "Nail Play"

South Carolina "Nail Play"

Dana Beszczynski 03/21/2017

South Carolina does an effective job running the "Nail Play" looking to get Sidarious Thornwell a quick look at an open 3. When the look isn't there, the offense continues with the Big-Big cross screen looking for a quick strike in the Post. The Gamecocks finish the set off with two PNR actions forcing defensive rotation and an open lane for 1 v 1 action from Dozier. See More

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Basketball Play - MTSU Transition Game

MTSU Transition Game

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

MTSU became the nations team last year after upsetting Michigan State in the NCAA Tournament. This year as a very underrated 12 seed, they are back once again with a veteran team & Coach who gets every last ounce of energy out of his team. MTSU is one of the best Teams I've seen this year at "reading" actions and reacting off them. Out of this Transition set, they're able to get two ball screen actions which in any defensive scheme, is very hard to guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona -  Multiple Ball Screen Action

Arizona - Multiple Ball Screen Action

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

The Arizona Wildcats really do a tremendous job of moving their players around in their half court sets. Here is a multiple ball screen action which given the Defensive positioning can lead to a backdoor cut or open up the direct drive to the ring. If the Defense sags in on the penetration, the Cats have their shooters spotting up behind the arc ready for a kick-out pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Set Play

Virginia Set Play

Dana Beszczynski 03/05/2017

Tony Bennett is always seen as a "master" Coach for the Cavaliers defensive abilities, but his Offensive diversity outside of their normal motion sets are really good. Here's a play the Cavaliers ran against the Tar Heels. A set with so much movement and options, this is a set that will give your opponents fits. See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

Brad Underwood came to Oklahoma State after a very successful three year stay at Stephen F. Austin where he compiled a record of 89-14. He tied Brad Stevens for most victories at an NCAA school after their first three years. The first coach to ever win three straight Southland Conference Coach of the Year awards, Underwood led SFA to the two longest winning streaks in league history. He and the Lumberjacks won 29 straight games in 2013-14, and his team rode a 21-game win streak into Sunday's NCAA Tournament second-round showdown against Notre Dame, which came down to the wire. Underwood piled up a 53-1 record in conference play during his three-years at SFA and put the Lumberjacks in the national spotlight after an upset win over fifth-seeded VCU in the opening round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. He matched that success again in 2016 after taking down No. 3 seed West Virginia in the first round. In fact, the Lumberjacks came within two seconds of a trip to the Sweet 16. Underwood's SFA teams were known for their defensive prowess, but also for their assist-oriented offenses. This season, the Lumberjacks led the nation in scoring margin (+16.9), turnover margin (+6.5) and turnovers forced (18.6), and also ranked second in assists per game (18.7) and seventh in steals per game (9.1). His style of play will be exciting to watch at Oklahoma State and this double stagger action out of Transition is just one example of his prowess as a tactician. This is a great set play for Phil Forte a marksman from behind the arc. See More

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Basketball Play - Los Angeles Clippers - ATO Stack

Los Angeles Clippers - ATO Stack

Ryan Nguyen 11/30/2016

With 18.6 seconds in OT and the Clippers down 118-115 to the Nets, Doc Rivers ran this ATO action. Since J.J. Redick's defender stays attached to him and does not help on penetration, Jamal Crawford's defender has to rotate from the weak-side to wall off penetration. As a result of the defensive rotation, Chris Paul finds Jamal Crawford on the weakside for the open 3-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies - SLOB Iverson Side Elevator

Memphis Grizzlies - SLOB Iverson Side Elevator

Matt Wheeler 08/01/2016

The Memphis Grizzlies ran this down 4 with 20 seconds left in an NBA Summer League game. In this situation they would need 2 scores and they opted to go for the 3 coming out of a timeout. The multiple screening actions from 4 & 5 caused the defensive confusion and led to an open shot for 4. 4 & 5's defenders have to guard back to back screening actions, first with the Iverson cut made by 2 and then the elevator screen for 3. If 5 cut to the basket instead of drifting to the perimeter he might have gotten a layup or at least would have created more space for the shot from 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor

Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

BLOB, or baseline out of bounds, plays are wonderful opportunities for a backdoor action because the defense gets sucked close to their man as they deny a pass towards the rim. Georgetown's John Thompson drew up this great set to get a backdoor out of a baseline inbound situation, sucking the entire defense away from the rim in order to do so. Thompson isolates the man guarding the inbounder as well, turning him into the help defender on a backdoor. As many coaches know and communicate to their players, the offensive player inbounding the ball is always dangerous once the ball gets inbounded. By paying too close attention to the inbounder, a defensive team will have no help at the rim on a backdoor cut. See More

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Basketball Play - UNCW - Loop Slip

UNCW - Loop Slip

Craig LeVasseur 03/17/2016

UNCW ran Loop action several times against Duke in the 1st half, and this was one play I particularly liked. After two runs off the stagger and receives the ball, 5 cross screens 4 into a side pick and roll. The 4 slips early to the corner for a look at a 3pt shot. This puts a lot of pressure on x4 defensively, but in this particular case, Duke's Ingram just had so much length that he was able to closeout in time to prevent the 3pt shot. See More

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Basketball Play - ATO - UVA


Dana Beszczynski 12/23/2015

Last night the Cavaliers were taken to the limit against the Golden Bears of Cal. Tony Bennett designed three consecutive timeout plays each of which yielded a basket. This is the first of those timeout plays. Run from the SLOB situation, the play is set-up by the elbow screen action which gave Brogdon a chance to either "read" and cut to the basket or come back off the "re-screen" action for a possible jumper. Tony Bennett is known for his defensive strategies, but last night these timeout actions he ran with his Cavs only showed what a true mastermind of the game he is. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Elbow Get

Houston Rockets Elbow Get

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

Houston used this play multiple times in the 1st round series against the Dallas Mavericks. Josh Smith and Dwight Howard posed massive problems defensively for the Mavericks with this play. Dwight Howard slipped or rolled hard for multiple lobs, sealed x4 when the defense switched, and even sealed on a switch and then spun out again for a lob. Add in Josh Smith's ability to finish with his running left hook in the lane, and this play caused fits for the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live

Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live

Randy Sherman 03/25/2015

3/1 Live (Part of Motion Offense Forum Drill Progressions) Objective: To use motion offense concepts to free the cutter for a basket. In this drill there are two screeners and one cutter (2) in each offensive group. The cutter is defended by X2. Diagrammed below are two of the nearly endless options that could come into play. There is now way to completely diagram all of the screens, cuts, reads and actions possible in this drill. The screeners' objective is to free the cutter (2) for a basket using motion offense concepts and maintianing top-side-side alignment. This is live and competiive drill. Drill Restrictions: Only the cutter can score. Offense must complete two passes BEFORE the cutter gets a touch. (This puts emphasis on second cutters!) The score must come from the screening action, not one-on-one play Competiive Ideas: On a 12-player roster, divide your team into four three-player groups. Set 8:00 (or a time of your choosing) on the clock. If your cutter scores with screening action, that team gets a point and stays on offense. A defender comes from the next team to guard the groups cutter. If that defender can force a stop and get the rebound, his/her team rotates to offense and now has opportunity to score points. Track each team's points. Variations: Start the ball on the wing instead of the top of the circle. Use shallow cuts to start the drill. Allow the offense to pass it to a coach at any time in the drill. can introduce staggers, baseline double, or dual screens to the drill. Side note: Have an assitant coach the defender! The defender will literally encounter dozens of defensive stances, close outs, denials and scenarios in each possession. See More

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Basketball Play - Albany Floppy Triple

Albany Floppy Triple

Brandon Huntley 03/24/2015

After the 16-minute media timeout in the 2nd half, Albany was down 8, while coming up empty on the previous three possessions. They forced Oklahoma into a tough outside shot and after getting the defensive rebound; Coach Brown called a Floppy Triple set. As you can tell in the video, the play was designed to get Peter Hooley (#12) a shot. The defense was prepared to take away Hooley in the play, which left Ray Sanders (#1) wide-open coming off the screen. This is a great play to run in an After Time Out situation. You can give your two best shooters looks coming off screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns DHO PNR


Gibson Pyper 03/19/2015

Cincinnati ran this Horns set 3-4 times throughout the first half against Purdue. The goal of this set is to create mismatches either on the Pick & Roll with replace action, or to force the defensive bigs to switch and then post up on the mismatch created. See More

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