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About This Play/Drill

Georgia High is an inbounds play that we ran when I was coaching at Turner High School in Kansas City, KS.

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  • Basketball Play - Georgia High

Frame 1

We will run this play when #3 takes the ball out of bounds above the free throw line extended.


Frame 2

#1 goes off of #5's screen first. We want him to be the primary on the play so that we can get the ball inbounds.


#2 will leave just after #1 leaves. He will rub off of #4's screen.


Frame 3

Our second option is to pass the ball into the corner to #2.


Frame 4

Should #2 catch the ball in the corner, #4 will screen away to bring #5 to the ball-side low block. #4 will then slip to the ball-side elbow.