Cutter - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Cutter is a sideline inbounds play designed to run shuffle action off of zipper action.

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  • Basketball Play - Cutter

Frame 1

The play starts with #5 setting a down screen for #1 who will come off of the screen and execute the zipper.


Should there be a switch on the zipper, we will look to throw the ball into #5 in the low post.


Once the ball is thrown inbounds, #3 will step in to the wing on his side.


Frame 2

#1 will center the basketball and read a help-side back screen set by #2 for #4. If #4 comes open, we will throw him the ball. Otherwise, we will reverse to #2 who pops out to the wing opposite the inbounds passer.


Frame 3

When the ball is reversed to #2, #3 will come off of a back screen set by #4.


Frame 4

Once #3 clears, #5 will flash cut to the ball-side low block by way of the help-side short corner.