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About This Play/Drill

This is a diagram on how to set up your basketball court with tape for practice so that you can better teach defense.

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  • Basketball Play - Defensive Court Markings

X = Midpoint. This is the spot between the sideline and the lane line on a side. We want to force the basketball here when it gets to a side. This is because nothing the offense gets from here is anything good.


Shaded Area = No-Catch Area. We never want anyone to catch the basketball in this part of the court because of how easy it is for the offense to get a high-percentage score or work an inside-out game.  The no-catch area should be three feet wider than the lane and divide between the first and second markers above the block.


We have a line that runs through the middle of the court to the three point line that divides the court into ball side and help side.


We also have another line that runs through the free throw line extended to divide the court to help with the positioning of help-side defense.