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Basketball Play - Minnesota Timberwolves - 44 Counter

Minnesota Timberwolves - 44 Counter

Mo Dakhil 09/12/2016

The 1 dribbles down the sideline, comes off 1-4 side p/r. After setting the pick, the 4 comes off a screen from the 3. If the defender goes over the top of the screen, the 4 immediately posts on the right block. The 3 pops out to the wing. If the 1 can throw the post entry pass or send it to the 3 for a better passing angle. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB Hammer

SLOB Hammer

Mo Dakhil 08/22/2016

The 2 pops to the weakside wing. The 1 sets a back pick for the 5 and gets a screen from the 4 in a pick the picker action to get him the ball on the strong side wing. Immediately on the catch the 1 drives baseline. The 5 sets the hammer screen to bring the 2 to the corner. The 2 can also cut on the inside if his defender jumps to the outside to take the corner away. The 4 can set a screen for the 3 as well. See More

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Basketball Play - Australia - Floppy Hammer

Australia - Floppy Hammer

Mo Dakhil 08/12/2016

The play starts out in a floppy set. The 3 comes off the 5 and curls to come to the opposite wing receiving a screen from the 4. The 1 hits the 3 as he comes off the 2nd screen. The 2 cuts off the 5 after the 3 to the wing. Right after the 2 comes off the 5, the 5 turns around and sets the hammer screen on the 2 defender bring him to the corner. The 3 right on the catch drives hard baseline looking to find the 2. At the same time the 4 rolls to the as the send option. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB Lob for Spurs

SLOB Lob for Spurs

Mo Dakhil 07/13/2016

The San Antonio Spurs summer league team ran an End of Game (EOG) play to beat the Warriors at the buzzer with a lob to Jonathan Simmons. The play showed how teams could take advantage of defenses that hard hedge (when the screener’s defender steps in the path of player coming off the screen) or switch off ball screens. Kyle Anderson is tasked with inbounding the ball, in the stronger side corner is the Spurs best shooter in DeJounte Murray. His job is not to move from that spot and keep the floor spread. Bryn Forbes is in the weakside corner and it appears as if CJ Williams and Simmons are setting a double staggered for Forbes. As Forbes comes off the first screen, Simmons’ defender jumps out early to hedge on the screen and make it a difficult entry pass to Forbes. As soon as the defender hedges Simmons slips right to the basket without ever setting the screen. Anderson throws the lob but it is a little off target but Simmons uses his athleticism to catch the ball, gather himself and goes straight up to score over the defense. Even if the defense switched in this situation Simmons would have the superior position as he has a direct lane to the basket and there would be no one in between him and the ball. The play above is a great example of a team slipping a screen to take advantage of teams See More

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