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About This Play/Drill

The Cleveland Cavaliers ran this set against the Indiana Pacers on 11/8/15 with 44.3 seconds remaining in the 4th Quarter. The Cavaliers held a 95-92 lead prior to running this set, and the back door lay-up with LeBron James passing to Kevin Love gave them a five point cushion with less than half a minute left in the game.


  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers Backdoor "Special"
  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers Backdoor "Special"
  • 1 dribbles left, then back to the right as 2 comes off screens from 4 and 5 to get to the opposite corner. 3 cuts hard towards the opposite block. 4, after screening for 2, pops out to receive the pass from 1.

  • 4 makes a ball fake at 3!

    3 fakes going to corner, then cuts hard backdoor for pass from 4.


    1st Option: 4 passes to 3 for backdoor lay-up.


    5 and 1 set double staggered down screens for 2.


    2nd Option: 4 passes to 2 for the shot, coming off the double staggered screens from 5 and 1.