3FTC: Zone Set #5 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This zone set will get you 3 different ways to score by causing 2 defenders to guard 3 offensive players. This play can be used for a need a 3 scenario, or to attack the middle of the zone. 

  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #5
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #5
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #5
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #5
  • Player 4 needs to be your best passing big or a big guard. He will be the person making the decision on who to pass to.

    The rest can be used to match your personnel.


    1 will pass to 2 on the strong side of the defense and will begin to cut throught the zone to the opposite wing

  • When 2 has the basketball, he will take a "hard" dribble toward the baseline to allow timing for the play to develop. On the dribble4 pops high, 5 & 3 relocate and 1 finishes cut to opposite wing.

    5 has to move above the block to set up lob angle

    2 passes to 4

  • Here is the Read part. Player 4 will read x3 & x4 to decide who to pass it to. 3 and 5 are also reading x3. If x3 gets through the double screen, Player 3 will flash into lane to try and draw x4 up from the basket while Player 5 prepares for the lob.

    There are 3 scoring options:

    Pass to 1

    Lob to 5

    Pass to 3

  • OPTION 1. 3 point shot


    5 and 3 screen x3 and 4 throws the skip pass to 1