"X" Set Play - FastModel Sports

Published 08/14/2012 by Scott Peterman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Today's Man Set Play from Men's Basketball HoopScoop is a great post-up entry that was used by Kentucky in their run to the National Championship.  This set play was one of their favorite set plays to get Anthony Davis or Darius Miller the ball in the paint. 

  • Basketball Play - "X" Set Play
  • Basketball Play - "X" Set Play
  • Basketball Play - "X" Set Play
  • 1 dribbles to the right side. 3 sets a backscreen for 4. 4 cuts to the right low block. 5 pops out to the left top guard spot. 2 drive to the left block.

  • 3 pops out to the top of the key. 1 passes to 3. 3 passes to 5.2 sets a cross screen for 4. 4 cuts to the left low block.

  • 5 dribbles over for a better passing angle on the left wing. 2 cuts to the right corner. 1 and 3 interchange to occupy the helpside defense. 5 passes to 4 for the post-up.