Philly Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a great full court drill which focuses on good passing and advancing the ball quickly. Players must sprint hard to each spot in order to keep the drill flowing

  • Basketball Play - Philly Drill
  • Basketball Play - Philly Drill
  • Players line up as shown


    1 tosses ball off backboard and rebounds it

    As is rebounding, 2 is circling for an outlet pass and 3 sprints up court


    2 gets 1 dribble and passes up court to 3 for a layup

  • After 1 makes the initial outlet pass they must sprint to the 3 point line at the other end and then turn to sprint up court


    3 makes the layup and sprints to the outet spot


    2 makes the pass to 3 and sprints to rebound the layup. 2 gets the ball out of bounds and makes the outlet pass to 3


    3 passes up court to 1 for a layup.


    Players then change lines.

    1 goes to 2

    2 goes to 3

    3 goes to 1