VCU Double Stack - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

VCU ran this BLOB set late in the 2nd half against Ohio State who was playing man defense. VCU got a wide open layup from their 5 that was missed. In the set 2/3 use a double screen from 4/5. The first man through (2) goes to the corners immediately followed by the second cut (3) who goes to the wing. As the final cut is made the 5 dives to the rim. This set is also seen in Billy Donovan's playbook. Shaka Smart was an assistant for Donovan before his time at VCU.

  • Basketball Play - VCU Double Stack

1. 4/5 set a double screen for 2 (corner) and 3 (wing)
2. 5 dives to the rim.