Badger Stagger 2 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is an interesting play run out of Transition by Wisconsin in their game against Billy Donovans Florida Gators.

It starts with a dribble entry clearing the wing to the opposite side to set the 1st of 2 stagger screens for the 2 man

The post man steps off the elbow into a SPNP action

The PG comes off the ball screen with two different options or can drive the open side

  • Basketball Play - Badger Stagger 2
  • Basketball Play - Badger Stagger 2
  • Badger Stagger 2 vs M2M


    Jackson 12 (PG) dribble enters on the wing


    Gasser 21 (PF) sprints to the opposite elbow to set the first stagger screen


    Dekker 15 (SF) sets the second stagger screen

  • Badger Stagger 2 vs M2M


    Kaminsky 44 (C) steps off the elbow to a SPNP action with Jackson 12 (PG) who comes off the screen with the option to either hit Brust 1 (SG) coming off the staggered screen action or hit Kaminsky 44 (C) popping to the corner