3 Man Weave to 2 vs 1 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill that stresses "Turnovers to Touchdowns"  It gets players to react to turnovers at mid court and to turn them into easy points.  Players must pass ahead sooner and dribble less in order for a team mate to get a clean lay-up.

  • Basketball Play - 3 Man Weave to 2 vs 1
  • Basketball Play - 3 Man Weave to 2 vs 1
  • Basketball Play - 3 Man Weave to 2 vs 1
  • The drill starts off with the 3 man weave passing drill everyone uses.

  • When coach blows his whistle, who ever has the ball places it on the floor and becomes the defender. The first job in our transition defense is to protect the rim. 2 & 3 must rely on reaction and recognition. 2 recoginizes that 3 is closer to the ball and begins the break. 3 Also reconizes he is close to the "turnover" and rushes to secure the ball.

  • After securing the ball, 3 makes a pass forward to 2, who attempts to finish a contested lay up. The longer 3 dribbles upcourt the less court 1 has to defend the pass in transistion.  3 makes sure to trail the play for a pass or put back at the basket.