V Finishing Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

V Running Drill will give you great feedback to improve your players' stamina and finishing. Drill in structions below.

There is no limit to diversify. Use your imagination!

  • Basketball Play - V Finishing Drill

1. Put Time One Set (30-45 Sec.)

2. Each player 4 sets in total

3. Count the hits

4. Take the ball from the elbow

5. One drible Layup OR Power Layup. (Increase Options)

When the time starts, number 1 runs to the ball and picks it up from the ground. Turning towards the hoop, they bounce the ball powerfully once and shoots the layup. 3 gets the rebound and passes to 2. 2 quickly puts the ball where 1 picked up the first ball. It continues until the time runs out.



-Jump the High

-Strong Dribling