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Published 03/17/2022 by Andrew Lacey Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

While watching the Michigan vs Colorado State game today, I noticed a simple action that was used early in transition. Using cuts/rubs to move defenders is the key. You will be able to get a nice post entry to your inside post on the block, a 3-point look off the back screen or high low action. 

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  • Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Secondary Break Action
  • Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Secondary Break Action
  • Coming down in transition |


    1 will hit the inside post (5) with a bounce pass at the top of the key.


    3 runs to the left corner and 2 runs to the right corner with 4 going FT line extended in the slot.


    Once 5 catches at top of key | 1 will cut through and bubble back to wing | 3 will curl off of 1's cut across the FT line towards the wing | 2 will curl to the nail at the FT off of 4 walking his man down to the block


  • 5 will pass the ball to 1 on the wing | at that moment 4 will pop back out to the wing area | 2 will set a back screen for 5 to dive to the block | 2 will then pop out after the screen.