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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at a drill or game structure that is very competetive, and focues mostly on transition situations. This drill is very versatile and can be used for fundamentals and pressing details as well. Our players love this drill, as well as our coaching staff.

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  • Basketball Play - 3 on 2 Help Coming Drill

Teams are divided into equal numbers, usually 6-10 players. Six is the minimum to be played with. One ball is needed and it starts at half court in the middle.


Description: 3 on 2, Help Coming. When the offense crosses half court the defense can run their third defender into the game. He must touch the center circle before playing. On a make or a missed shot rebounded by the defense, the offense switches to defense and begins pressing. When the new offense passes half court the drill cycles again, making it continuous. Game is to 21. Losers run an eight in 30.



-Tandem defense

-Shot selection

-Finish off two feet

-Communicate to defender running on late

-Use this drill to police habits you want in your program, assigning coaches to watch for a few different things, calling a turnover for: jump passes, 1 handed passes, purposeless dribbles, failure to peek, lollipop passes, double bounce passes, and subtracting points for failure to contest, failure to block out, failure to chin a rebound, etc. Charges taken are worth 5 points