Warrior Rebounding Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we get a drill we used during our positional breakdown portion of practice for our post players. It teaches rebounding, offense and defense in some capacity, and challenges player’s endurance. I really like how it teaches players how to create shots inside with limited space.

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  • Basketball Play - Warrior Rebounding Drill

Three players start in the paint. Coach starts around the free throw line to shoot and create rebounds. The coach will shoot and the rebound is live. If the ball gets too far away from the basket players will pass it back to the coach. The rebounded ball should be scored using pivots and fakes to get a quality shot off with a 1 dribble max. Emphasize focusing on the shot attempt and not the contact as well as balance on rebounding and shooting. Once a player gets three baskets he is out of the drill and a fresh body comes in (the other players keep their points).