13 Quick Again - FastModel Sports

Published 10/22/2013 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Friday night in between watching ESPNU Midnight Madness and the UCF-Louisville football game, I flipped over to the Chicago Bulls game. Tom Thibodeau runs some great offensive sets and Friday night he allowed me to add one more play to my library. The Bulls ran this play with pure perfection and timing. 1 also has the option to throwback to 3 coming off the screen from 5.

  • Basketball Play - 13 Quick Again
  • Basketball Play - 13 Quick Again
  • 1 advance passes quickly to 3 and cuts to the rim. 3 passes to 5. 3 and 4 stagger for 1.

  • 5 goes into dribble hand-off with 1. After the hand-off 5 screens down for 3. 1 quick passes to 2 who found 4 ducking in hard.