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About This Play/Drill

Excerpt from our latest playbook entitled "Four-Out Motion Offense: Teaching Through Drills"

This drill introduces the basic movements of a basic version of four-out motion offense and the frame descriptions give lots of teaching points you can use to polish up many things you are probably already teaching. 

The concepts also govern 4v4 play and getting to 4v4 play ASAP is the goal. 

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  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill
  • The tools we will use to detail the specifics of this offense are the drills used to teach it. Most of these drills are 4v0 (4v4).


    To engrain the movement of the offense, spend lots of time in 4v0 (4v4) play. The interior player only slightly changes movements of the offense.


    In the frame above, some basic rules are illustrated. First, when you are at the wing, walk the arc to the touch spot and blast cut back into the catch as Player 2 does above.


    After passing slot to wing, the passer basket cuts. But first, attempt to face cut the defender ("be a cutter first"). If the defender jumps to the ball, simply cut behind them to the front of the rim. This pass is often open late at the rim, so keep your eyes on the cutter.


    I would not expect to score a whole lot on give-and-go basket cuts, but making brave passes can lead to a few opportunities. Instead, view the cuts as space openers.

  • Two important concepts illustrated above.


    Space Out

    After cutting to the front of the rim, Player 1 spaces out to the touch spot.


    Fill Cutting

    In these types of offense the #1 thing I have fault with is players automatically filling a vacant spot. Do not automatically cut into the open gaps space as player 2 may elect to drive middle or baseline on the catch. WAIT until eye contact from Player 2 to fill the spot. Player 4 fill cuts on eye contact from Player 2. The goal is to arrive at the spot at the same time as the ball.

  • As the players continue to circulate the ball, the timing of fill cuts is emphasized.


    Same rule applies to Player 3's fill cut here. WAIT until eye contact from Player 4, then fill cut into the catch. Goal: ball and player arrive at spot at the same time.


    NOTE: At this phase in the offensive installation, we are only cutting on slot to wing passes. We will discuss options on the slot to slot pass as we progress the offense.

  • Remember, Player 1 was the original basket cutter, they then exited the lane to the touch spot in the corner. STAY ON THE TOUCH SPOT!


    Space Up

    But when Player 3 looks to the corner for support, Player 1 blast cuts off the touch spot to the wing for the catch. Same goal, we want the ball and player to arrive at the spot at the same time.


    By rule, Player 3 passes then basket cuts attempting to cross the face of their defender first. Player 1 keeps eyes on cutter.

  • Players continue to circulate the ball following the passing and cutting rules of the offense. The goal is to familiarize the players with the movement, timing and passing of the offense.


    Player 3 spaces out to touch spot. Player 4 fills slot on eye contact.

  • Player 2 fill cuts from wing to slot on eye contact. 3 remains on touch spot.

  • Continue passing, cutting and filling while paying attention to the details of face cutting first, taking cuts the rim, hitting touch spots, fill cutting on eye contact, etc. Passing warmup, hit a certain, number of sides, hit a basket cut for a score after a certain amount of passes.


    This drill gives and introduction of the basic movements of the offense. Since there is no defense, it is used to emphasize passing, catching, cutting, filling, footwork, etc. Technique! Reading the defense, the foundation of motion offense, requires defenders!

  • 4v4

    Use this framework for lots and lots of 4v4 play!