1v1 ATTACK FC - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill


  1. Attack Space
  2. Attack the Defender (with a dribble weapon or COD move)
  3. Attack the Rim

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  • Basketball Play - 1v1 ATTACK FC
  • Basketball Play - 1v1 ATTACK FC
  • Setup: 1 with ball under hoop. X1 at top of circle

    • Attack Space - 1 attacks x1 full speed

    • Attack Defender - use a dribble weapon or COD to blow by defender

    • Attack Rim - accelerate to the rim and score


    Cones (optional) are used to restrict space to the middle third of the court

  • LOAD THE DRILL - 3v3

    Setup the same with player 2 and 3 and their defenders along halfcourt line as shown. As soon as 1 enters the center circle they may release