Triple/Double - FastModel Sports

Published 05/12/2020 by Andrew Lacey Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Here is a nice 1-4 Low set that can be used as an ATO, late game or early offensive actions.  This gives the offense multiple options versus pressure man or sagging man defensive schemes.  It offers a quick ISO by the point and then it could end with a three from corner or post option of Hi/Lo for two. 

  • Basketball Play - Triple/Double
  • Basketball Play - Triple/Double
  • Basketball Play - Triple/Double
  • This action can start in a simple 1-4 Low alignment.


    5, 4 and 2 will set a triple screen along the baseline for 3 running to the opposite corner.


    While this is happening, make sure the 1 stays in the middle of the floor as much as possible.

  • After 3 clears their screens...


    4 turns around and sets a screen for 2 and 5 sets a second screen for 2 on the baseline going to the other corner.


    At this time the 1 can make a dribble move towards that side of the floor to shorten the passing angle if needed.

  • After passing to 2...


    1 clears to left wing, 4 flashes to the high post, 2 passes 4 the ball and 4 looks to make a hi/low entry to 5.