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About This Play/Drill

This is a 3v3 Rebounding drill that can be used for both sides of the basketball. Split your team into groups of three or four. The rotation for the drill is to enter on defense, then move to offense, and finally (if unsuccessful) out of the drill. If your team secures an offensive rebound they get to stay on offense and continue to earn points. If your team gives up an offensive rebound then your team exits the drill and a new team comes on. 

The Scoring System: 1 Point for a Defensive Rebound, 3 Points for an Offensive Rebound, and 2 or 3 points if you can score it off the Offensive Rebound. 

Each new possession must start with one of the two scenarios depicted below. Coaches then set the number or time they want to play until. The team with the highest score wins, the other teams get conditioning. 

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  • Basketball Play - 3v3 Cut Throat Rebounding
  • Basketball Play - 3v3 Cut Throat Rebounding
  • Point Pass & Crash:

    A. Pass is Made to the Coach

    B. Coach Shoots

    C. Offensive Rebounders fight to the High Side

    D. Play it Live

  • Post Pass & Crash:

    A. 5 Makes the Pass out of the Post

    B. Coach Shoots the Ball

    C. Players fight to the High Side

    D. Play it Live