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About This Play/Drill

"Twist" is a counter to "Oakland" that was presented earlier.  This play, like "Oakland", was one we ran while I was coaching at Turner High School in Kansas City, KS.  The only difference was that we had #1 throw the ball inbounds instead of #3 as the diagram shows.

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  • Basketball Play - Twist

The way we ran it was to have #1 as the inbounds passer instead of #3.



#1 - Set up in the corner. Step to the ball if your man sags off in towards the lane.

#2 - Come off of the first screen set by #4 and set the screen for #5.

#3 - Make the inbounds pass.

#4 - Set the screen for #2 and slip to the help-side block.

#5 - Come off of the screen set by #2 and go to the basket.


Passer's Reads:

  1. Pass to #1 if his man sags in towards the lane.
  2. Pass to #5 if there are no switches.
  3. If #4's man switches with #2's man, pass to #4.
  4. If #2's man switches with #5's man, pass to #2.