Angle 3v3 Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 10/23/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Angle 3v3

Advantage/Disadvantage 3v3 putting the offense in a position to make a quick decision out of drive and kick while making the defense provide great helpside defense to contain the offense.


  • Player 1 starts the drill once they make their movement downhill.
  • Player x1 can't move to try and recover until player 1 starts their movement. 


  • Player 1 has to attempt to get downhill through the elbow.
  • Player's 2 & 3 have to relocate once player 1 attacks downhill. (* If 1 passes early before the elbow [kick ahead], player in the strong side corner can hold the spot being shot ready).
  • If the ball sticks and movement becomes stagnant, it will result in a turnover for the offense. 
  • Hold players accountable to re-space with urgency after a drive and kick-out.


  • Play drive & kick game until the 3 players on offense are able to creat a rhythm shot, downhill drive to the rim, or a one more pass for a catch and shoot.
  • Score it, you keep it. Play to a certain amount of points or time. 
  • Basketball Play - Angle 3v3 Drill

- Player 1 starts in the slot (shoulders facing the basket).

- Player x1 starts on player 1’s hip with their chest facing the inside shoulder.

- Player’s 2 & 3 start in the corners.