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About This Play/Drill

This is a play that can provide several options at the end of the clock.  When teaching this play, it is important that you place an emphasis on taking what the defense gives you.   They will either give you a two or a three based on how they defend the play.

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  • Basketball Play - Florida

#1 comes off of a rear ball screen set by #4 who comes through the middle of the lane. #4 will pop in the direction opposite the one that #1 takes off of the ball screen.


Off of the ball screen, #1 has the following options if he goes to his right:


1) Drive to the basket and score the lay-up.

2) Shoot the three pointer if the defense goes under the screen.

3) Dump the ball off to #5 in the low post.

4) Kick the ball out to #2 in the corner for a three point shot.

5) Kick the ball back to #4 who pops behind the three point line.


If #1 dribbles at #5 by going left, he must relocate to the opposite block and look for the dump pass from #1. #3 will be the shooter from the corner should this occur.