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About This Play/Drill

This is a great drill/workout to use for individual training. I have used this countless times with players and it keeps them engaged and having fun. It challenges them by putting them in various situations where they are forced to make shots and free throws when it counts. Give it a try!

  • Basketball Play - Free Play Game

Drill Description


- Not much will be shown in the diagram as this is all verbal communication coming from the coach to the player.


- Player 1 can start with the ball or the coach can start with the ball.


- The player has to score 25 points in 5 minutes. Just like a game, the time will stop when the player shoots free throws.


Point values:

- 2's are 2's

- 3's are 3's

- Made FT's are 1, Missed FT's are -1

- Turnovers are -1


- The coach can call out any type of actions, dribble moves, finishes, shots, passes, etc. the player has to complete from any spot on the floor.


- At any point the coach can put the player on the free throw line within the duration of time.


- The coach can put the player in live segments where the player goes 1v1 vs the coach.


- If the player does not reach 25 points in the 5 minutes, they still complete the score by closing up the difference in making consecutive free throws. For example, if the player has 20 points, they need to make 5 free throws in a row to finish.


- If the player cannot reach 25 points, the coach can add consequences (sprints, push ups, etc.).