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Published 07/15/2018 by Dymetrius Ware Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Chase and Shoot is a fun but tough shooting and conditioning drill that simulates game speed shooting from any spot on the court.

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  • Basketball Play - Chase and Shoot
  • Basketball Play - Chase and Shoot
  • Basketball Play - Chase and Shoot
  • Coach will have one basketball and team will lineup on the side of coach. The first player will get in front of the coach.

  • Coach throws the ball over the players head anywhere on the court. The player must chase the ball and catch it before it bounces twice.
    The player then shoots the ball from the spot they catch it. Make or miss, the player rebounds the ball and makes a good pass to the coach.

  • Coach can designate how many makes for each player to complete drill. Make it competitive to see who reaches the goal first. 
    I also like to utilize the dribble drive, or 1/2 dribble pull-ups from the catch as well. Be creative!