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About This Play/Drill

Drill Purpose:

Teaching offensive skills relevant to motion offense by repping ball reversal, timing cuts, receiving the pass and finishing.

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  • Basketball Play - Motion Offense: Four Lines Passing
  • Organization:

    Divide team evenly into four lines at four spots: baseline, left elbow, right elbow, and top of the key. Each player in line on baseline has a ball.



    1. The player under the basket (1) passes the ball to the person a the closest elbow (2). 1 follows the pass and goes to the end of the receiving line.


    2. Player 2 times their movement to meet the ball. They catch the ball, sweep it to the floor, and pass it to the player at the top of the key (3). They follow their pass to the end of that line.


    3. Player 3 sweeps the ball low and passes it to the remaining wing (4). They follow their pass to the end of that line.


    4. Player 4 takes a shot. The can can determine the type of shot. The shooter gets their own rebound, keeps the ball, and goes to the end of the line under the basket.


    5. As the shot is being taken, the next person in the line under the basket starts the next group by initiating first pass in sequence.


    Coaching Points:

    - Player should make a strong cut and time the pop to receive the ball.

    - Players should sweep the ball to the floor so that they can see the post and are in a strong triple threat position.



    Add any element of your offense to the ball reversal by calling out the option. For example, the last two players receiving the ball from an on-ball screen. First time through the drill, ball handler uses the screen and scores. The next time, hit the roller. The next time, the ball handler refuses the screen, etc.