Celtic Two Ball Series - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

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  • Basketball Play - Celtic Two Ball Series

• Each player in line has two basketballs.
• 1 dribbles both basketballs simultaneously.
• 1, while continuing to dribble, passes the ball from his right hand to the coach.
• 1 then drives to the cone with their left hand, makes a change of direction move, and finishes at the basket.
• 1 then completes a curl cut off of the second cone and receives a pass from the coach for a shot.

Change of Direction Moves to Work On

Crossover, Between the legs, behind the back, spin move, combination moves


Finishes to Work On

Regular layup, two-foot power layup, shot fake finish, inside hand finish, floater, pop back move, pop back counter, etc.


Shots to Work on Off of the Second Cone

Jump shot, pull-up jump shot, floater, up and under, pop back move, pop back counter, rip and drive to the rim (either side), etc.