3-on-3 Flow - Competitive Conditioning - FastModel Sports

Published 06/16/2018 by Joel Hueser Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

3-on-3 Flow (aka Flow Ball) is another one of our team favorites. Credit goes to @John_Leonzo for this fastbreak conditioner. We love it for a variety of reasons, but mostly for its emphasis on defensive transition and uptempo offense.

We have adapted the following scoring rules:

1) Play to 15 using 2's and 3's.

2) Player who scores game winner must validate with a made freet hrow.

3) Should the player miss, team score returns to 11 and play resumes.

  • Basketball Play - 3-on-3 Flow - Competitive Conditioning

-Team 1 starts on offense and team 2 on defense. Play out the possession.

-Upon change of possession, team 1 gets back. Meanwhile, any team member of x2 gets the ball and goes! Joined by the team 2's next two players in line along the baseline.

-Emphasize offensive board coverage (OBC), fastbreak and motion principles.