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About This Play/Drill

Defensive drill to help players step to the ball and prevent face cuts.

Jr. Wizards Coaches Manual

  • Basketball Play - Tag The Cutter
  • Basketball Play - Tag The Cutter
  • Basketball Play - Tag The Cutter
  • Basketball Play - Tag The Cutter
  • Offensive player passes the ball to coach.


    Defensive player steps to the ball (BALL MOVES, YOU MOVE!). Player should be in a denial position, as the ball is one pass away, seeing both.

  • Offensive player attempts to cut across the defender's face. If he/she is successful in doing so, give them the ball.


    Defensive player needs to get in the cutter's path, preventing the face cut.


    If the face cut is denied, offensive player should cut to the block. Defensive player maintains proper position, seeing both, and ends up in a 3/4 front of the post player.


    If at any point the defensive player loses sight of the ball, or gets out of position - give the offensive player the ball.


    Key Point - allowing the offensive player to run into your forearm is not a foul. Pushing your forearm into the offensive player as they cut is. Be in proper position to deny the cut, but don't allow players to pick up silly fouls.

  • Offensive player cuts out to the wing to receive the pass. Defensive player closes out under control (choppy feet).

  • Offensive player attempts to beat the defensive player baseline. Defensive player must cut off.


    Modification - if your style of man to man defense involves funneling penetration baseline into a big, reverse the direction the offensive player will go.