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About This Play/Drill

Defensive help & recover drill, with top down rotation.

Jr. Wizards Coaches Manual

  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Basketball Play - Help & Recover w/ Top Down Rotation
  • Drill begins with the coach having the ball at the top of the key.


    Perimeter defensive players are "one pass away", so they are in a denial position - in a stance, in good "ball-you-man" position, with their top hand "on the rope"


    Teaching Point - "The Rope"

    Draw a line between the ball and the player you're guarding. This is The Rope. Having a hand on the rope is good denial position. If your body is too far up the rope, you're liable to be beat back door. If you're too far off the rope, it's an easy catch for the offensive player.

  • Coach passes the ball to offensive player 1. Defensive player x1 squares up his man.


    Defenders x2 and x3 get to the "midline", or the center of the court, maintaining ball-you-man position. See both!


    Teaching Point - Ball - You - Man

    As a defender, you should always position yourself in between the ball and your man, while being able to see both. If you can't see both the ball and your man, you are out of position.

  • Offensive player 1 reverses the ball back through the Coach.


    x1 rotates back to a denial position, as they are now one pass away.


    x2 recovers to the ball side of player 2 with a hand on the rope. On this side of the court, this should be the player's left hand.


    Teaching Point - right hand dominant players will often try to steal a pass on this side of the court with their right hand. If the player misses the steal, this will put them out of position and lead to fouls for your bigs.

  • Defender x2 squares up to the offensive player.


    x1 now gets into the help, getting to the midline. Point man, point ball - SEE BOTH!


    x3 three-quarter fronts the post player.



    Modification: Allow player 2 to throw a post entry pass if player x3 isn't working to get into position.

  • Reverse the ball back and forth a few times.


    When first starting, go slow to ensure that all players rotate correctly. Pick up the pace once you're confident that the players have the rotations down.



    Modification: Have the offensive players throw a skip pass to each other, forcing the help defender to closeout under control (choppy feet).

  • On your call, have defender x1 let their man go by them. Again - x1 needs to let player 1 go by for the sake of the drill.


    x3 slides over the lane and "walls up" to cut off the dribble penetration.


    x2 rotates "top down", ensuring that the driving offensive player can't dump an easy pass to offensive player 3 for a layup. This needs to happen regardless of how big the offensive player or how small the defensive player is. Get in there!


    Teaching Point - teach your post players the value of the "Wall Up" - i.e. standing straight up in the air with their hands extended. Young players will often go for the blocked shot, which too often leads to fouls. Making the offensive player take a difficult shot may not show up on the stat line, but it's just as effective (probably more so, as it limits fouls).


  • End the rep by having player 1 skip the ball out to offensive player 2.


    x2 needs to closeout under control, chopping their feet and breaking down into a stance as they approach player 2.


    x3 fronts the post, and x1 gets between player 1 and the ball - seeing both.



    Rotate As Follows -

    Player 3 and x3 move to left wing.

    Player 2 and x2 move to right wing.

    Player 1 and x1 rotate off.

    New group rotates into post (previously occupied by player 3 and x3).