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About This Play/Drill

This Post Up comes to us from Coach Lee DeForest at Basketball Coaches Club. For more on the complete Princeton Offense, get Coach DeForest's e-book, 'Winning with the Princeton Offense Basketball Guide,' (created with FastDraw). This excerpt takes you through the Chin Dribble Weave.

  • Basketball Play - Chin Dribble Weave
  • Basketball Play - Chin Dribble Weave
  • Basketball Play - Chin Dribble Weave
  •  Frame 1:  Chin begins with a dribble weave on the strongside between the 1 and the 3. 3 takes the handoff and dribbles back to the guard position. On the weakside, the 2 and the 4 exchange. The post fills the strongside elbow.
  • Frame 2:  The 3 and the 4 pass across the top as the 4 passes the ball to the 2 on the wing.

    COACHES POINT: 3 does not cut off 5 until ball leaves the 4. If the 2 is denied then 4 has the opportunity to dribble at 2 for the backdoor cut.


    This is the start of the screening action that makes this play successful. 5 sets a backscreen for 3 cutting to the rim for a layup then immediately goes to set a flare screen for the 4. 2 looks for 3 for the layup or the 4 man off the flare screen

  • Frame 3:  If the 2 has no passing options then the ball is dribbled up back to the guard spot. The 1 fills the guard spot to receive the ball. The 4 after the flare cut, finishes the cut to the rim looking for the ball, then fills the wing position vacated by 1. The 3 fills up to the wing spot.

  • Frame 4:  The action continues to the other side as the ball is reversed from the 2 to the 1 to the 4. The 2 makes a weakside UCLA cut off the 5 to the rim looking to score.

    The continuity continues until a shot is taken or a shift to another phase.

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