Kill the Grass - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Kill the Grass has served us well over the years. We find this drill to be most beneficial when we are working with large numbers of campers and/or youth players. Players work with a partner or a group of three. Our older varsity players will also be spread throughout the gym and model the fundamental skills. They say, "It's not what you teach, but what you emphasize." KTG emphasizes the following fundamentals: passing, catching, triple threat, closing out, ball pressure, shot and foot fakes, blow-by and crossover live ball moves, dribbling, stops and pivots. 

  • Basketball Play - Kill the Grass
  • Basketball Play - Kill the Grass
  • Basketball Play - Kill the Grass
  • Basketball Play - Kill the Grass
  • 1st Whistle: Pass & Close-out

    -Player 1 passes to 2 (we encourage a chest pass and/or flick pass).

  • 1 then closes out and applies arms length pressure on the ball. 2 catches ball in the air, feet in the air, and rips into triple threat position.

  • 2nd Whistle: Blow-by

    2 utilizes a shot fake, blow-by to his strong hand.

    -Chest over thigh

    -Long step, pivot foot down

    -Close the gap

  • 2 dribbles 2-3 times and finishes with a two-foot quick stop, and front pivots using his opposite foot to hand (for example, if he's dribbling right he will left front pivot).

    Repeat this process on the next whistle for player 1.

    Then add Crossover Move:

    -Foot fake the blow-by

    -Crossover step

    -Opposite finish (for example, if he's dribbling left, right front pivot)