Transition Lane Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Competitive drill to work on multiple skills or if you are limited with baskets and want to get shots up.  Lanes can be adjusted based on your philosophy and number of players.  Can add another lane to go 5 lanes wide.

  • Basketball Play - Transition Lane Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Transition Lane Shooting
  • 3 different groups.


    1 group starts at half and the other two are near each basket.


    Group at half all have basketballs. Players dribble up and shoot.


    Players by the basket, rebound the basketballs and try to make it to half court first. The first person at half gets 3 points, second person gets 2 points, third person gets 1 and forth person gets 0. Once at half, the players perform dribble retreats until coach says go and they go and shoot at the other basket.


    Players must fill a vacant lane and not go in the same lane as another player.