Transition 1 v 1 - FastModel Sports

Published 06/26/2017 by Jordan Petersen Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Transition offense is a huge part of the game.  In this game like shooting drill, players will be working on scoring in transition.  A defensive player will be closing out on the offense in the corner.  The offensive player will have to read the defender to see if they should shoot it or drive it.  

  • Basketball Play - Transition 1 v 1
  • Shooter (1) starts at the three point line extended. Defender (2) starts at the coaching box line. Ball handler (3) or coach starts near half court. Game starts on ball handlers movement. Player 2 sprints to try to defend player 1 in the corner. Player 3 passes to player 1, who tries to score off of a catch and shoot three, pull-up, lay up, side step. Can add that the offense can not score in the lane.