BOB Stack Need 3 vs DET - FastModel Sports

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With 10.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter the Blazers were down by three and were inbounding the ball on the baseline. When the inbounder gets the ball, CJ McCollum darts out to the wing while Damian Lillard sets a screen for Al-Farouq Aminu and then runs to the weakside corner coming off an Allen Crabbe screen. Aminu comes off the Lillard pick to set one for McCollum who gets the pass from Mason Plumlee. The Pistons do not switch probably and McCollum drills a wide open three which forces overtime.

  • Basketball Play - BOB Stack Need 3 vs DET

The 2 breaks to the sideline, the 1 sets a brush screen on the 4's defender and comes off a screen set by the 3 to the corner. The 4 runs off the brush screen to set one for the 2 to bring them to the top. The first look is the 2 and then the 1 in the corner.