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Published 12/16/2016 by Justin Scanson Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This simple zone press breaker works seamlessly with zone/early offense and allows you to break the press up the sideline, through the middle, or with reversal.

  • Basketball Play - Zone Press Offense
  • Basketball Play - Zone Press Offense
  • Don't outlet in the DEAD ZONE! (Yellow area)


    4 gets ball out of net and in quickly.

    1 gets to the wing and out of the DEAD ZONE.

    2, 5 & 3 come back into the press offense in their lane!


    When we feel pressure we thrown on the brakes and work back in our lanes.

  • 5 comes back up the life line to shrink the box

    1 reads in order:

    - First pass ballside (2)

    - Middle (5)

    - Reverse (4)

    - Long diagonal (3)


    Press offense flows seamlessly into Early Offense.